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I have learned that I cannot practice a science without being a mystic, and I cannot be a mystic without practicing scientific principles.

I am registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario, and has been helping individuals, couples, and families, internationally for over 30 years.

I guide you with an individualized treatment program, for the unique person that you are, in the unique circumstances that you find yourself in. I help you see yourself as you really are; the complex nature of your human personality that exposes you to challenges and conflict-cycles, as well as the spiritual being in you that you may or may not know yet that helps you grow and heal. I help you open to and access Divine wisdom from deep within your being. Knowledge turn into wisdom through observation and experience. Healing and wholeness are possible for your current life, your ancestors, and the futures generations yet to come.

 Come find yourself on the map of life, to orient your focus on the right steps forward, in this moment in time on your journey towards wholeness.
I express my spirit gifts creatively to help you bring your awareness into focus in your unfolding psychological healing process. You learn to find how your soul follows natural creative rhythms that open your own inner wisdom on the path of life.


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The Theme of Jayni's work is:
to help you find, understand, unlock, and use, the true meaning of life’s challenges, using science (cognitive behavior techniques), as well as archetypal insights.

Jayni's Audience are:
those of you who want to use your psychological challenges to transform and grow in meaningful and productive ways.

Jayni 's Services:
1. Individual Psychotherapy will transform and heal you from repeating conflict patterns
2. Couples-therapy will help heal relationship conflicts and help you discover the true purpose of your attachments
3. Family therapy will help heal family relationships and repetitive ancestral conflict-themes
4. Group work will help you discover more about Archetypes and your personal Life Purpose

Jayni's Products:
1. Mirrors to your Soul™, Archetypal Images and Booklet, 2016: an innovative Archetypal tool, used as a projective technique to track your psychological profile and evolution.

2. The Riddle in the Mirror a journey in search of healing, 2012, Balboa Publishers.

3. Kimonos, Scarfs, and Headbands in the designs of the Mirrors to Your Soul™ Archetypes.

Jayni's Method:
Teaching and therapeutic encounters during workshops, webinars and personal consultations, using all the scientific, psychological and transpersonal tools assimilated over 30 years in training, observation, expereince and dedication in practice.

I approach life from an archetypal psychological perspective, guided by psychology, astrology, mythology, dreams, symbols (and the use of symbol- systems) and synchronicities, which all illuminate my soul with insights form an all-inclusive viewpoint.
I use archetypes as a cosmic map of the psyche’s potential, of which I see the transitioning of the psyche’s movement through cycles of development and transformation according to archetypal themes, as a compass that orients us to focus on the immediate path towards consciousness. Every person has a unique path that progresses through time according to themes they deal with psychologically and spiritually that leads to healing through challenges. The way to become conscious of the underlying structure of your unique pathway is to tune into the inner truth of your soul with the guidance and clues of the Archetypal symbolism in the specific frame of your destined overall life journey.
I have distilled a helpful Archetypal tool to help orient you in the practical application of the depth insights, that comes from your distinctive soul’s path, in your day to day life. 
I want you to discover your Inner Truth that helps you live authentically according to the spiritual divine design you are intended to. Your divine design is accessed deep within you, where the silence of your soul speaks louder in archetypal symbol and theme than the conventional, conditioned informational noise you generally obey in your mind. Your divine design wants to orient you on a psychological-spiritual path to evolve during this lifetime and not repeat your efforts on dead-end pathways related to pain, fear and worthless pursuits.
Inner truth is where you access juicy creative resources of wisdom, purpose and meaning, directly from your unique soul-spirt, which is never found anywhere outside of you. You need tools to access your inner wisdom.

Archetypes and archetypal processes are the original psychology that describes the universal nature of the psyche and the journey towards healing. They are the impetus drives in our DNA that influence our perception and current attention at any given time, which is only consciously recognized, and worked with when we regard and understand the language of its symbolism. The themes change as the processes proceed according to cycles of life. The cycles of life can be accessed amongst others by astrology, dreams or attention to the themes and the symbolism of synchronicities, events, crises, challenges and inner awareness.
So where can you find this archetypal map that can help orient your journey?
One of the ways amongst others, is to use the little booklet and Archetypal Images set I produced in Mirrors to your Soul, Keys to unlock Divine Archetypal Portals for exactly this purpose. Use this product to help you in your unique expressions and insights in your personal psychological development towards consciousness. 
Get your set now and tune into the educational videos on U-tube.

 Jayni authored two books; “The Riddle in the Mirror - a journey in search of Healing”, 2012, Balboa Press, and “Mirrors to your Soul ™– Keys to unlock Divine Archetypal Portals, 2015; a booklet with accompanying hand painted watercolor Archetypal Images that serve as a psychological projective technique and as Oracle Cards.

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The world of Symbol connects us to divinity.

It is the artists, storytellers and those souls who use symbol and symbol systems, that maintained our connection with the Archetypes over the ages. It is them who kept the symbolic themes, that medicine that indicates the paths of human evolution, alive in our unconscious minds so that we can re-connect our reason with that softer voice of ancestors, memory and future knowing through symbolism that unfolds the divine voice within us which steers our true healing and destiny.
Healers and all people who want to be healed, re-connect with the symbolic world. We bypass our cognitive emotional defense mechanisms through symbolism and can no longer deny the truth about the emotional-spiritual healing work we need to practice.
Join the discussion and my workshops for more on this healing experience and release yourself from the shackles of emotional life challenges. © by Jayni Bloch

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To all you Seeing Souls;
Children of the Moon - The deeper the darkness when diving into the moon, the brighter she ignites insights.
To all you Souls of Connection;
Children of Mercury - The sharper the pain, the more piercing the healing.
To all you Souls striving for Beauty;
Children of Venus - The more terrifying the fear, the more peaceful the comfort you share.
To all you Warrior Souls;
Children of Mars - The more enraged your fury, the more inspired your Spiritual efforts to protect humanity.
I don't need the cards to see you
I already do.
I need the cards for you to see You.
I do not need to curse you
You have already cursed yourself…
I do not need to bless you
You do that too…
I do not need to heal you
You heal yourself when you see
Dare to see the deep dark,
your Spiritual power
Beneath the mask

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