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Shamanic Journey through Nine Evolutionary Archetypes



The Discovery

by Gwendolyn

Do not imagine that the exploration ends,
that she has yielded all her mystery
or that the map you hold
cancels further discovery
I tell you her uncovering takes years,
takes centuries,
and when you find her naked
look again,
admit there is something else you cannot name,
a veil, a coating just above the flesh
which you cannot remove by your mere wish
when you see the land naked, look again
(burn your maps, that is not what I mean),
I mean the moment when it seems most plain
is the moment when you must begin again



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Jayni retired as a Psychologist in November 2021. She has been helping individuals, couples, and families, internationally since 1979, and is now devoting herself fultime to her family, practicing her art and writing.

Gratitude to all my clients over the years who trusted in the work we did together towards healing and the evolution of consiousness.

The relationship between our cognitive consciousness and the expansive potential of the non-linear personal and collective unconscious, creates a new mysterious, elevated level of ‘consciousness’ that supersedes the original parts. The collective unconscious is only called unconscious because we are not aware of its potency when we do not allow it to communicate with us. This concept of interrelationship between the cognitive and non-linear, underlies the essence of creativity, and a creative life of self-development and healing. For me there is no more separation between the practical world and the magical, no separation between the logical and the mystical. We are all experiencing a shift in the time phase on earth right now that is urging us to find balance between opposites; within ourselves as well as between ourselves and others. By allowing ourselves to connect our rational consciousness with the collective consciousness, a new equilibrium in the world can be created. 


I grew up, studied and worked in South Africa until the age of 43, and have been working in Canada in private practice for 23 years. I work with individuals, couples and families. My practice is eclectic, and I use a combination of Cognitive Behavioral, Emotionally Focused and Depth-Psychology approaches for problems such as personal crises, relationship issues, psycho-dynamic dream work for personal growth and life turning points. I am also an artist; working with and recognizing symbolism in everyday life. The similarities of the human psyche throughout all world cultures drew me into studying the Archetypes, which portrays the unconscious elements in all people. Symbolism and Archetypes is commonly used in art, and it helps me understand the collective processes humans go through in life. The unconscious framework of being, portrayed in symbols, gives a glimpse of the process of human evolution itself.


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Jayni's Products:
1. Mirrors to your Soul™, Archetypal Images and Booklet, 2016: an innovative Archetypal tool, used as a projective technique to track your psychological profile and evolution.

2. The Riddle in the Mirror a journey in search of healing, 2012, Balboa Publishers.

3. Kimonos, Scarfs, and Headbands in the designs of the Mirrors to Your Soul™ Archetypes.


 Jayni authored two books; “The Riddle in the Mirror - a journey in search of Healing”, 2012, Balboa Press, and “Mirrors to your Soul ™– Keys to unlock Divine Archetypal Portals, 2015; a booklet with accompanying hand painted watercolor Archetypal Images that serve as a psychological projective technique and as Oracle Cards.

The world of Symbol connects us to divinity.

It is the artists, storytellers and those souls who use symbol and symbol systems, that maintained our connection with the Archetypes over the ages. It is them who kept the symbolic themes, that medicine that indicates the paths of human evolution, alive in our unconscious minds so that we can re-connect our reason with that softer voice of ancestors, memory and future knowing through symbolism that unfolds the divine voice within us which steers our true healing and destiny.
Healers and all people who want to be healed, re-connect with the symbolic world. We bypass our cognitive emotional defense mechanisms through symbolism and can no longer deny the truth about the emotional-spiritual healing work we need to practice.
Join the discussion and my workshops for more on this healing experience and release yourself from the shackles of emotional life challenges. © by Jayni Bloch


Integrative therapy is a progressive form of psychotherapy that combines different therapeutic tools and approaches to fit the needs of the individual client. With an understanding of normal human development, an integrative therapist modifies standard treatments to fill in development gaps that affect each client in different ways. By combining elements drawn from different schools of psychological theory and research, integrative therapy becomes a more flexible and inclusive approach to treatment than more traditional, singular forms of psychotherapy.

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