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  • Mirrors to your Soul™
    Archetypal Images and Booklet


    Mirrors to your Soul™ Cards © Jayni Bloch

    Video explaining the Mirrors to your Soul Cards

    I am an artist, registered psychologist, and mystic. The guidance that I bring to others, is built on over 30 years of studies and private practice experience in psychology, spirituality, mysticism and art. I use art, dreams, symbol systems and archetypes in my therapy to help people heal themselves, their relationships, their families and their ancestral-wounds. For me, healing is about realizing that our earthly life and human nature evolve through our earthly sufferings and experiences, to discover and manifest our Divine purpose, consciously. A Divine opportunity to connect to our Truth and Divine Essence underlies our lives with all its human psychological processes. To support this healing process, I use a new concept of Archetypes that explains Archetypes as divine in essence but interpreted by our human nature as themed patterns of fear and desire, driven by states of the ego. To heal, we need to transform our human perception of our experiences into a spiritual perception. One way of doing this is to understand the workings of archetypes and recognize them without intellectual identifications, defenses and rationalizations. Our intellect can support rationalizations that keep the truth of our psyches vailed. In order to not fool ourselves, we need projective techniques and symbolic verification of what our true spiritual opportunities are that lies hidden in what we perceive as life struggles. This is how the Mirrors to your Soul™ system comes in handy. It informs us through spiritual energetic recognition, what we are doing, and where we need to focus to heel.
    It is important for the reader to first understand my particular concept of Archetypes. The word literally means primordial blueprints, schemas, or prototypes. Over the years I observed in my practice, how themes, schemas and prototypes, are fluid and complex and not fixed as some teachings want us to believe. I noticed that no psychological identity or state is entirely permanent, because a person develops or unfolds many parts of all the potential prototypes present in their psyche, depending on their conscious willingness to recognize the opportunity to grow and heal spiritually throughout their lifetime. Humans develop and become aware of specific aspects of the Archetypes as they go through timelines, that coincide with experiences in their life. These timelines and experiences can also be objectively recognized by observing astrological transits. Astrological transits announce the time phases or opportunities for spiritual awareness that exist in the human experiences, if it is consciously used.  It is possible for our human soul to make spiritual sense of these human experiences, by connecting with our divine healing and evolutionary purpose. The Divine Archetypes inform us of these tasks.

    The words of Keiron Le Grice, rang true for me in my search for meaning beyond conventional wisdoms: “Considering the major “forces” in psychology, each has its merits, and the diversity of psychologies in our time is surely testimony to the complexity of the psyche itself. No one theory can do justice to the totality of the psyche” (Archetypal Reflections, Insights and ideas form Jungian Psychology, © 2016, Muswell Hill Press, London.)  So, it all came together for me when I meditated and checked for verifications in practical examples with my clients, over long periods of time, on the correspondences between psychology, astrology, Tarot, art, color, Enneagram, meridian energy systems, numerology, Flower essences, and much more.

    It is clear to me that our human nature has a tendency to interpret the Divine essences as human qualities that involve us with human struggles, in the form of fears and desires that forms conflict cycles and keep us in repetitive emotional-behavioral loops. It is human nature to interpret our essential divine archetypal qualities, we are here to learn about through human experiences, in an egocentric way, as if these essences are our personal assets and responsibilities. Our true struggle is not to conquer life in the ego’s way, but to conquer our fears and desires which leads us astray into believing that we are the sole force and determinants of all outcomes in our lives. Carl Gustav Jung wrote: “Our personal psychology is just a thin skin, a ripple in the ocean of collective psychology; the archetypes are the great decisive forces, they, and not our personal reasoning and practical intellect, bring about the real events. The archetypal images decide the fate of man.” (Carl Gustav Jung. Adler, Gerhard.  Hull, R.F.C. ‘Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious’; Collective works of C. G. Jung, Part 1, Volume 9, 2nd edition, August 1, 1981, Princeton University Press.) This quote illustrates the powerful reality of the workings of Archetypes.

    Archetypes form the foundation for the body-mind-emotional system, which unconsciously, shapes our lives. But our conscious awareness of these archetypes provides us a map of the stages of our psychological-spiritual development and the healing opportunities we face when we recognize the spiritual purpose and divine quality in our human discomforts and struggles. Human challenges can be used for spiritual growth, or it will get us stuck in our human identification with suffering. The link between archetypes and our physiological bio-energetic system, personality and spiritual consciousness, supports our involvement with healing opportunities and our spiritual evolution. But we also need to know how to do that healing work, how that transition and transformation happens.
    This is where my work in 'Mirrors to your Soul™’ becomes a handy tool. The technique in the Mirrors to your Soul™ helps inform the user to recognize their own drives and complexes, dreams and fantasies, and experiences as conscious guidelines, of the Divine archetypal forces that needs to be liberated from repetitive conflict cycles. Using nine images, distilled from experimental research, the Mirrors to your Soul™ booklet, describes healing practices in each of the archetypal scenarios. This tool translates human psychological language into Spiritual language, for us to understanding how to transform human expression to Divine energy.
    Let me give you a very simple example of this work in one cast study. A man in his fifties sought advice about his job. He felt that his superiors did not regard his ideas and contributions. To him, it was as if no-one ever recognizes and acknowledges him for his abilities, qualities and insights. It deeply affected his self-worth. His history revealed a distant father who also died when he was a child. His astrological Natal chart shows a Neptune conjunct Saturn square Sun in Capricorn. This person is highly creative, practical, insightful and sensitive, but find himself doubting his own abilities. His history shows furthermore that he needs external authorities to confirm his worthiness instead of feeling internal self-worth. His request for advice came as the transiting Uranus moved opposite his natal Sun square position.

    The Mirrors to your Soul™ archetypal images revealed this man’s resonance with the Idealist – Individualist Archetype. This archetype is associated with the psychological personality complex of the perfectionist innovator. The personality expression of this archetype, struggles with criticism and judgement; they fear being wrong or bad and they need acceptance and recognition. The personality’s defense mechanism is reaction formation, where desires are blocked by its opposite. You can see how the Archetype is confirming the challenge of this man’s chart.  But this only explains his human life. Underlying his human experiences is the seed for transformation and evolution; even ancestral evolution, because his life is connected to all of his ancestor’s lessons too (but that for another day).
    It is clear that the repetitive conflict cycle in this man’s case is the fear of not being acknowledged, which have him doubt his worthiness, because of an original experience of a distant and lost father in childhood. The human experience is seen as a repetitive wounding trauma that repeats itself over and over throughout life at different times and scenarios, to challenge his growth. This wound is challenged especially now with the Uranus transit. Uranus is bringing an opportunity of liberation from this painful cycle, but it requires work to birth a new perspective. The original difficulty the natal chart is indicating is the seed required for awareness and is not a permanent state. We are on earth to evolve.
    The healing practice for him now, is to recognize his repetitive wounding pattern each time he feels the emotion whelming up in him when he perceives himself not being recognized. His emotion is the clue for him to take action in a new way. The new way is to acknowledge the pattern as a human pattern and indicator of his human experience that drives his connection to the Divine part of his nature. The Divine energy inside his Soul/Spirit confirms his worthiness and he chooses willingly to love and accept himself for his true Divine qualities of practical insightful inspiration and innovation: the Capricorn Sun. Because he understands the language of Astrology I suggested he see himself in his Divine nature as Sun trine Saturn instead of identifying with sun square Saturn. And indeed, his secondary progressed chart has no Saturn square Sun; his Secondary progressed Sun is trine Pluto, so it’s time to empower himself spiritually.
    Our ego will always interpret events according to self-serving, self-destructive and social bias, based on fears and desires. On top of that, our histories confirm our themed patterns of behavior and in variations of experiences, over and over in our lives, as opportunities to awaken to spiritual transformation. Our Spiritual Consciousness, the Self, tries to wake us up to divine meaning in our earthly struggles. With the guidance and use of the Mirrors to your Soul™ Healing Cards, we learn to recognize how our personalities interpret the archetypes into ego-identifications and ego-states, and then we can transform these fear and desire states into Divine Selves. When you transform your human life, from conflict-cycle, into a Divine evolutionary process, you are manifesting as your Divine Energetic Soul/Spirit.