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Links to Emergency Centres and Interesting Sites

Many active links exist in the text on every page in this website. Other complimentary and informative websites are:

Jayni Bloch - Let's talk about life - Blog

The Creative Healing Project

Jayni Bloch's Webinars

Jayni Bloch's Books

The College of Psychologists of Ontario

Ontario Association for Psychological Associates

The Canadian Psychological Association

Spiritual Emergence Service

Association for Spirituality and Mental Health

The South African Society of Clinical Hypnosis

The Milton H. Erickson Foundation, Inc

All about Fears and Anxiety Disorders

Psychology.org - Research

Relationships Are Complicated.com


Ode Magazine

Resurgence Magazine


Energy Psychology

Ottawa Family and Couple Institute

Ottawa Academy of Psychology

Directory of Psychologists in Ottawa

Ottawa Psychoanalitic Society


Addiction Resource

American Society of Addiction Medicine

American Psychological Association Helping children cope

Crime Prevention Ottawa


Emergency Numbers and Where to get Help: