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Booking Info

Contact Information:
Telephone #: 613 599-0937
Email address: kpc@genian.net


Please note that All my consultations will be done on the Zoom platform untill the threat is over - hopefully soon.

As of June 2021, I will only be doing ‘Creativity Circles’ once a month. This will be online group sessions, open to people who want to invest in their self-development and healing. Participants will be inspired by a theme that will be discussed which is meant to be investigated and worked on throughout the three weeks prior to the next Creativity Circle meeting. A week before the next Creativity Circle meeting, participants will e-mail me their thoughts, art, poetry, or any creative activity that emerged because of the creativity circle prompt, so that I can give feedback and guidance for follow-up actions.  Please visit the page: Monthly Creativity Circles.

Please notice that crisis intervention is outside of the boundaries of psychotherapy and counselling. If you experience a crisis of any nature and need immediate assistance, please go to your nearest emergency hospital or crisis clinic for the appropriate help.
See "Links" Page to access Emergency Info