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Jayni Bloch, practices as Kanata Psychotherapy Centre, www.genian.net, in Cognitive and Depth Psychological modalities, for 22 years in Canada and 18 years before that in South Africa where she was born. Jayni does Individual, Couple, Family and Group therapy as well as workshops on how archetypes and creativity promote consciousness and personal growth for those who like a philosophical perspective in their healing journey.
Jayni has done numerous presentations, workshops and lectures across North America and South Africa on her work in Archetypes.

After arriving in Canada in 1997, Jayni successfully completed The College of Psychologists of Ontario's requirements to register as an Autonomous Psychological Service Provider of Clinical Psychology and Counselling Psychology, In I998. She may practice psychotherapy, counselling, hypnosis, consulting, research and teaching. Her primary client groups as indicated by the College are children, adolescents, adults, couples, families, the elderly and organizations. She has been authorized by the College to perform The Controlled Act to Communicate a Diagnosis.
In 2019 Jayni registered as a Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Previously, Jayni was registered as a Clinical Psychologist with the Medical and Dental Council of South Africa since April 1979. She also holds a degree in Social Work form the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, qualified and registered in June 1975, and worked as a social worker for one year before going back for further studies in Psychology.

Jayni’s vast clinical experience in a variety of training institutions and private practice as well as her continuing educational training informs her innovative and eclectic approach to psychotherapy. 
Her book, 'The Riddle in the Mirror - a journey in search of healing' (2012), was inspired by her experiences in South Africa as a Clinical Psychologist and Social Worker.

Jayni also published a booklet with her own watercolor artwork as a guide into Archetypal understanding, in 2016. 'Mirrors to your Soul – Keys to unlock Divine Archetypal Portals', came from years of contemplation, phenomenological observations and experiences with the Archetypes, as first presented by Carl Gustav Jung. Jayni distilled and integrated concepts from a variety of schools of thought to bring a new practical understanding of life cycles and personality structures that help manage themes of repetitive cycles in everyday life for clients.

Jayni is happily married, has a married son, and a black cat. She loves nature, she paints, writes poetry and short stories, and does photography.

Registration and Association Membership

Current Membership since:

Past Membership


University Education

M.A. Clinical Psychology Thesis: Stimulus-Seeking as a Factor in Crowded Conditions) University of Johannesburg, South Africa. 1977 - 1978

B.A. Honours, Psychology. University of Johannesburg, South Africa. 1976 - 1976

B.A Social Work. University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. 1972 - 1974

These degrees have been acknowledged and accepted by the University of Toronto's Comparative Education Service

Public Presentations

Workshops and Lectures

2020 - January 13 till March 2 - Art As Mirrors to your Soul, by Jayni Bloch. (42 hours, preparation, design, delivery and personal feedback to all participants)

2019 - November 22 - OAPA Conference: Resilience against Compassion Fatigue by Jayni Bloch (1 Hour)

2019 Bi-Yearly Healing Circles (7 Week courses)

2018 Bi-Yearly Healing Circles (7 Week courses)

2017 - Tarot and Psychology Conference - Mirrors to your Soul™ Presentation in New York City. Echoes of the Past and Opening Veils to the Future. To evolve one's consciousness beyond the human tendency to repeat patterns of past fallibilities and challenges, one can access the Archetypal truths of the Divine messages that lies in Symbolism, using Archetypal images as a projective tool. (2 Hours)

2017 - Mirrors to your Soul™ Presentation in Portland, Oregon. Archetypes and Psychology – A Breakthrough Consciousness in Healing using Psychology, Archetypal Images and Art (2 Hours)
This interactive presentation demonstrates the Archetypes with video clip examples that are both entertaining and informative, so that the participants can recognize and identify the Archetypes, their purpose, and their healing properties. Every human transition through Spiritual healing opportunities that is activated by the unconscious through symptoms and experiences that originates form the Archetypal realms.

October 2016 - Mirrors to your Soul™ Presentation in Palm Beach Florida. Move from conflict to divine evolution when you connect with your archetype through images. (2 Hours)

Sept 16 - Sept 18, 2016. Canadian Association for Intergrative and Energy Therapies; 18th Annual Conference - Halifax. Presentation by Jayni Bloch on the Mirrors to your Soul™; the ability to recognize the psyche's own challenging psychological processes through projection onto Archetypal Art-images as a way to access psychological healing. (2 Hours)

June 7 - October 3, 2016. Webinar - Mirrors to your Soul™; by Jayni Bloch. (12 Hours)

April 29 - May 1, 2016: The Tarot School: Presenting an Opening and Closing Ritual with an Introduction of the Mirrors to your Soul™. (4 Hours)

Sept – Dec, 2015: Discover your Divine-Self by Jayni Bloch. This Workshop/ Healing Circle takes you on a journey of Self-discovery into your Unconscious where you will meet the Archetypes that your personality resonate with but also indicates the portals to your Divine Self. You can become stuck in human survival mode with desires and fears or open to your true Divine power and life purpose.
My guidance gives you over 30 years of studies and practical experience, combining Psychology, Spirituality and Mysticism. (15 hours)

Feb - June, 2015: What is so complicated about Relationships? by Jayni Bloch. Learn about Ancestors, Communication Styles, Choices in Partnerships, Attraction-Spirit and Purpose of Relationships. (15 Hours)

June, 2014:A Journey through the Archetypes, by Jayni Bloch. (15 hours) Explore the unconscious mind and its Archetypes in your personality.

May 1, 2014: The Riddle in the Mirror: Meaning and Purpose in Life’s Struggles by Jayni Bloch. Association for Spirituality and Mental Health Journal Club (2 Hours)

April 12, 2014: Intimate Moments, Eternal stories captured in single photographs: a contemplative approuch to usning photography as a tool for selfdevelpment, by Jayni Bloch. Oleans Photo Club, Ottawa, Canada. (2 Hours)

Fall 2013 (October-November) - Find yourself in the Nine faces of God; a 9 week workshop-series written and presented by Jayni Bloch in Ottawa, Canada. (27 Hours)

September 24 2013 - Intimate Moments: Eternal stories Captured in Single Photographs, by Jayni Bloch. This presentation demonstrates the use of the art of photography to process one’s life experiences. What initially seems like ‘recordkeeping’ is actually a development of intuitive awareness in combination with cognitive challenges. Emotional development results from mastering a razor sharp response to intense observations in the form of creative non-verbal storytelling, using left and right brain faculties. Feedback from your creative production enhances further personal growth and development. Perth, Ontario, Canada. (2 Hours)

May June July 2013 - Find yourself in the Nine faces of God; a 9 week workshop-series written and presented by Jayni Bloch in Ottawa, Canada. (27 Hours)

18 October 2009 - Archetypes and Energy Psychology: A Breakthrough Consciousness, by Jayni Bloch. Intergrative Healing and Transformation. Eleventh Annual Canadian Energy Psychology Conference. Toronto. (2 Hours)

24 April 2009 -The Relationship between Spiritual-Psychological Life-Challenges and Archetypes indicates and mobilizes the Healing Process, by Jayni Bloch. 4th International Conference on Spirituality and Mental Health, Ottawa, Saint Paul University. (2 Hours)

25 October 2007 - The 'next step' in the evolution of relationships;a quantum leap to new meaning and healing of 'union'. Jayni Bloch: Ninth Annual Energy Psychology Conference, Toronto. (2 Hours)

11 November 2006 - Liberation form Repetitive Conflict-Cycles using healing indicators from Archetypal themes. Jayni Bloch: Eight Annual Energy Psychology Conference, Toronto. (2 Hours)

2 Dec 2004Transformation: Moving out of the Box by Jayni Bloch, at the International Milton Erickson Foundation Conference in Phoenix, AZ. (2 Hours)

June 2001 - The Light Bulb Experience: The Rational Link in Metaphor. Canadian Psychological Association Annual Conference ( Quebec City, June 2001). (2 Hours)

June 2000 - The Subconscious Mind; Resource in the Therapy process. Canadian Psychological Association Annual Conference ( Ottawa, June 2000). (2 Hours)

1995 - Speaker at First South African Congress in Clinical Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine. The Mind -Body -Soul Relationship in Hypnotherapy. Sun City South Africa. (2 Hours)

Courses Presented
Contributing to society by means of my courses carries the best of my experience and insights and is a form of primary preventative psychology.

  • Developed Educational courses in Life Skills for the enhancement of self-growth.
  • Written and presented courses for clients to understand the subconscious mind through dreams and Archetypes: The riddle in the Mirror.
  • Public lectures relating to child and parent issues: The effects of divorce on children, hyperactivity, the gifted child, hypnotherapy and other psychological subjects.
  • Presented and adapted Parent Training courses to the needs of specific communities.
  • Written a variety of articles in newsletters about current psychological issues.
  • Radio host on a late night call-in radio program in South Africa.
  • Invited expert guest speaker on numerous television programs in South Africa, covering psychological topics.

Media Appearances

  • Radio host on a late night call-in radio program in South Africa.
  • Invited expert guest speaker on numerous television programs in South Africa, covering psychological topics


Mirrors to your Soul – Keys to unlock Divine Archetypal Portals; © Jayni Bloch, 2015; a booklet with accompanying hand painted watercolor Healing-cards.

A new wave of body-mind-spirit healing has been unleashed by Jayni Bloch with her latest creation, Mirrors to your Soul – Keys to unlock Divine Archetypal Portals, 2015; a booklet with accompanying hand painted watercolor Healing-cards. This booklet and Healing Cards can also be used in conjunction with her book, The Riddle in the Mirror, a Journey in search of Healing, 2012.Using these specially designed images as projective tools, we access archetypal identities that inform us about the psychological personality conflict cycles and defense mechanisms you suffer, which are then remedied by mindfulness meditations. Meditations appropriate to the specific personality type identified by the tool, is used in parallel with a specific center of bioelectric concentration on the body to inspire an insightful healing experience.This powerful tool, Mirrors to your Soul, was designed and created by Jayni Bloch after more than thirty years of research on Archetypes and its application in practice with thousands of clients over 30 years. This tool synthesizes theoretical exploration with practical experience in mind-body-spirit healing.Jayni’s healing cards connect you to your Archetypal lineage that puts you in touch with your personal and ancestral Life-patterns as well as guide you to insight about your path and practical techniques to heal and evolve. It is your destiny to heal yourself and your ancestral patterns. You can get the clues from the ‘mirrors’ in life. The mirrors we reflect upon help us see and identify the mysteries that lie in our unconscious. Our personal and intimate relationships and experiences, societal behavior and history, as well as universal and collective happenings are perceived and lived anew as we awaken to the magic of participating in our creative healing.Stay tuned to my workshops to be part of this new revolution in Healing.

2012, November. Book Publication: The Riddle in the Mirror a Journey in Search of Healing, by Jayni Bloch.

1978 Stimulus seeking as a factor in crowded environments

This Thesis was a part of the M.A Degree requirements in Clinical Psychology. Study leader: Dr E Wolff ; R.A.U. December 1978.

1995 Body-Mind-Soul Connections in Hypnosis

First Africa Congress in Clinical Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine. Sun City, South Africa, 15-19 October 1995. ISBN 0-620-19652-1

1996 The Riddle in the Mirror

Hypnos SA. Vol. 6 No. 2 June 1996

Continuing Professional Education

2021 May. Mastering Telehealth and Anxiety Treatment in the Age of Social Distancing: a Guide to documentation, ethics and Insurance. Kelly Fradin, MD. (3:45 Hours )

2020, September 22. Ten day Collective Trauma Summit. 1. Awakening to the Nature of Collective Trauma. Understanding Trauma through the lens of Polyvagal Theory - Stephen W. Porges, Ph D. The Rise of Restorative and Healing Centered Education - Angel Acosta. Transforming Traumatic History of the Modern World by Reconnecting with the Law of Life - Flavia Valgiusti (Judge, Professor of Neuroscience and Law. Transforming Trauma - Rick Hanson, PhD. 2. Uncovering our cultural Trauma Conditioning - Thomas Hübl and host Robin Alfred
Music by Adam Bauer and Poetry by Kim Rosen. Caring for those who care for others - Sharon Salzberg. Opening Space for theSelf with Internal Family Systems - Richard Schwartz, PhD. Cultivating Divercity, Inclusion, and Resilience in the Worlkplace - Alexis Griffith-Waye. How collective Trauma Impacts our Personal Relationships - Terry Real. 3. Exploring our Roots and Ancestral History - Thomas Hübl and host Kosha Joubert. Collective Trauma Healing: Enhancing Our Capacity to Intergrate and Innovate - Thomas Hubl. At the Intersection of Racism, Trauma, Mindfulness and Leadership - Ruth King. Breaking the Cycle of Inherited Family Trauma - Mark Wolynn. Encounters in the Edge of Knowing - Yehudit Sasportas. Inspiring Future Generations of Earth Guardians - Xiuhtezcatl Martinez. 4. The ARt of Peacemaking: Mediating Conflicts in a Traumatized Field - William Ury, host Kosha Joubert, and panelists Ameya Kilara and Claire Hajaj. Lessons from Ruanda: Justice and Reconciliation with Emily Gold & Anastase Nabahire. Becoming a Warrior for the Human Spirit - Margaret Wheatley. Building Your Capacity to Be and to Fully Accept Reality - Terry Patten. The Challenges of Forgiveness: Moving On in the Face of Collective Trauma - Norma Morandini. 5. Collective Healing and Structural Inequality: A Contemplative Walk - Thomas Hübl and Angel Acosta. Understanding the Differences between Collective Trauma and Cross-Generational Trauma - Daniel J. Siegel, MD. Inner Work: Healing, Transformation and Mindfulness - Rhonda Magee. facing the Shadows of teh Collective Past for Embodied Change - Otto Scharmer, PhD. Te Ha Roa (The Sustaining Breath): A pathway to healing trauma - Thalea Tane. 6. Poetry as a Gateway to Collective Healing - Marie Howe and Pádraig Ó Tuama. Revolutionary Love in Times of Trauma - Valarie Kaur. Leadership and Happiness: Managing Yourself and Others - Arthur Brooks, PhD. Trauma Healing: From Overwhelm to Freedom - Karine Bell. Resoponding to Disaster Trauma and Toward Global Mental Health - Dr. Srini Pillay. 7. Intergrating Indigenous Knowledge for Systems Change - Melanie Goodchild. Trauma-Informed and Community-Oriented Responses to Gender Violence and Inequality - Jessica Lenahan and Caroline Bettinger-Lopez. Public Health Dimensions of Climate Crisis and Trauma - Gary Cohen. Creating Shared Meaningful Expereinces across lines of Difference - Priya Parker. The Critical Link Between Emotional Connection and Healing Trauma - Alex Howard. 8. The Pocket Project: Activating Power of Group Coherence - Thomas Hübl, Yehudit Sasportas, Kosha Joubert, Laura Calderón de la Barca. Krishna Das - Devoting Chanting. Towards healing Collective Trauma: How We can Embody Anti-Racism - Gina Laroche and Jennifer Cohen. How to Solve "Impossible" Problems: Political Polarization to Global Warming - Charles Eisenstein. Healing Trauma as Medicine for the Body - Lissa Rankin, MD. Accessing the Therapeutic Strength of Community in the Healing Process - Adalberto De Paula Barreto. 9. Addressing Collective Trauma through Moral Leadership - Jacqueline Novogratz. Building Courage, Commitment and Devotion in the Face of Loss - Francisco De Roux. Befriending the "Other": Seeing Beyond Extremists - Deeyah Khan. Building a Healing Ecosystem in U.S. Policymaking - Christina Bethell, PhD, MBA, MPH. Protecting Children: Mass Violence, International Action, and the Pragmatic Power of Collective Imagination - Paul Wise, MD. 10. Climate Crisis: Restoring Our Relationship to the Earth - Thomas Hübl . Trauma, Healing and the Myth of Normal - Dr. Gabor Mate. Harnessing Truth, courage and Solutions to Lead Humanity Forward - Katharine Wilkinson, PhD. Shamanic Healing: Melting the Ice in our Heart - Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq. Re-evaluating Our Understanding of the Living World - Dr. Andreas Weber. The Influence of Creativity and Imagination to Support Healing - David Whyte.

2020, May 26, Seven weeks (21 Hours) Express the Music of your Soul - Vocal Sound Medicine to Release Fear, Trauma & Shame for Higher Frequencies of Love. Chloe Goodchild. 1. Standing Your Ground, Sound from Source. 2. Navigate Separeteness with Sound Awareness. 3. Sacred Utterance for Self-Nourishment and Generosity. 4. Devotional Love Is an Offering of Flowers from the Heart. 5. Share Your Truth & Brighten the Whole World. 6. Ignite your Voice Medicine through Light, Love and Requency. 7. Surrender Through Your Wisdom Voice.

2020, February 13 - Seven weeks (14hours) Integrating Your Head, Heart & Hara With Sean Esbjörn-Hargens: 1. Discovering the Sacred Architecture of Being Human. 2. Exploring the Enneagram and George Gurdjieff's 3 paths of Awakening. 3. Discovering Daoism's 3 Dantians - Lover (Jing), Middle (Qi), and Upper (Shen). 4. Tapping into your 3 Neurological Brains to Improve your Leadership Skills. 5. Intergrating your Will, Feeling, and Thinking through Rudolf Steiner's 3 Foldendness. 6. Accessing Three Realms of Existence Through the Celtic Tradition of the Three Couldrons. 7. Exploring Sri Aurobindo's 3 Planes of Being.

2020, January - May 21 - Soul Art® Certification; Creation course by Laura Hollick (200+ hours). 1. Essence. 2. Womb of Creation. 3. Womb Nutrients. 4. Union of Earth &Spirit. 5. Union of Masculine & Feminine. 6. Union of Inner Child & Wise Elder. 7. Union of Opposites. 8. Birth Your Essence. 9. Guiding in Sacred Space. 10. Your Creation Worlshop.

2020 - Monthly Colleague Evaluation Meetings (organize, distributing and presenting- 2 hours each for 12 months - 24 hours)

2020, February 6 - Online talk on Archetypes by Keiron Le Grice Pacifica Institute of Depth Psychology (1 hour)

2019, September - November 21 - Soul Art® Certification; Energy Mapping course by Laura Hollick (200+ hours). 1. Soul Star. 2. Earth Star. 3. Core Star. 4. Earth Realm. 5. Spirit Realm. 6. Bringing it all together. 7. Guiding a Soul Star Journey. 8. Guiding a Full Energy Mapping Journey.

2019, November 22 OAPA conference - Ottawa. Resilience. (6 Hours)

2019, June - August 11 Soul Art® Certification; Bodymap course by Laura Hollick (400+ hours; 6 months). 1. Intention. 2. Bodymapping. 3. Creative Expression. 4. Insight & Spirit Action. 5. Self-Guided Journey. 6. You and Your People. 7. Guiding Intention. 8. Guiding soul Art Journey. 9. Money and Soul Art. 10. Soul Art Workshop.

2019, October 12 Your Energetic Archetype and Life Plan, Align with Your Gifts, Divine Timing and True Destiny through Ancient Chinese Wisdom, by Jean Haner. (14 Hours)

2019, October 02 Training for Modern Mystics and Prophets, Embodying the Wisdom of Meister Eckhart, Hildegard of Bingen, Thomas Merton and Mary Oliver, by Matthew Fox. (16 Hours)

2019, August 03 - October Personality Typing Summit, 2019: Systems and Practices to uncover our Patterns.
Enneagram, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Russ Hudson and David Daniels (4 Hours),
8 Keys to Self-Leadership by Dario Nardi (6 Hours),
Color Secrets and Meanings by Arden Reece (2 Hours),
Meditations by Russ Hudson and Jessica Dibb (1 Hour),
Understanding Yourself and Others by Linda Berens, (1 Hour)
Couching Conversation Guide by Darren Virassammy (1 Hour),
Trickster Medicine by Caroline Casey and Dr. Andrew Weil (1 Hour),
Jungian Typology and Archetypes by Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD 1 Hour),
Gene Keys by Richard Rudd (1 Hour),
Myers-Briggs for Personal Development by Joel Mark Witt and Antonia Dodge (1 Hour),
Understand the power of How Your Attachment Style Impacts your Relationships, by Carista Luminare, PhD (1 Hour),
Know your Numbers, Change Your Life by Felicia Bender, PhD (1 Hour),
Discover Your True Nature with Chinese Face Reading by Jean Haner 1 Hour),
Brewing Underworld Medicine by Cultivating our unique Genius, by Caroline Casey (1 Hour),
What Type is Your Brain? By Dario Nardi PhD (1 Hour),
Aligning with Your Tre Self by Max Marmer (1 Hour),
Inner Strength by Linda Berens PhD (1 Hour).
What Creates Transformation by Dr.Russ Hudson and David Daniels (1 Hour)

2019, July 16 - Dec Enrolled in Soul-Art Certification program, by Laüra Hollick (120 Hours)

2019, July 12. Mastering DSM-5Beth Rontal and Margaret L.Bloom. Four step Diagnostic Method.

2019, June 18 The Sounds of Your Soul: Dynamic Vocal Practices to Expand Your Expression, Creativity and Capacity for Love, by Cloë Goodchild. (14 Hours)

2019, June 12. Barbara Wand Seminar, by the College of Psychologists of Ontario. Ottawa. Tricky Issues in Professional Practice
Rick Morris, Ph.D., C.Psych. Sticky Issues in Professional Practice 
Barry Gang, MBA, Dip.C.S., C.Psych.Assoc.
(3 Hours)

2019, January 21. Barbara Wand Seminar, by the College of Psychologists of Ontario. Recent Developments in Legislation and Jurisprudence Relevant to the Professional Practice of Psychology.Addressing Cultural Diversity in Psychological Practice by Dr. Natasha Williams (Browne), C.Psych. and Tricky Issues in Professonal Practice by Dr. Rick Morris, C.Psych. (3 Hours)

2019, July 12 Dreaming the Soul Back Home, by Robert Moss (14 Hours)

2018, January 22. Barbara Wand Seminar, by the College of Psychologists of Ontario. Recent Developments in Legislation and Jurisprudence Relevant to the Professional Practice of Psychology. Tricky Issues in Professonal Practice by Dr. Rick Morris, C.Psych.. Professional Ethics, Standards and Conduct (3 hours)

2018, July 19. Healing from the Bottom Up: Resource States in Trauma Work, featuring Peter Levine. (1.5 Hours)

2017, September 5. Mindfulness Strategies, by Donald Altman, MA, LPC. (1.5 Hours)

2017, July 10. Creating Secure Connection in Couples Therapy: An Emotionally Focused Approach. Kathryn Rheem, Ed.D., LMFT. Director, Washington Baltimore Center for EFT. ICEEFT Certified Trainer & Supervisor. (3.5 Hours.)

2017, June 28. Couples on the Brink: Whan Is Wnough Enough?: Terry Real, LICSW. (3:5 Hours.)

2017, June 25. Neuroscience in the consulting Room: Enhancing the Impact of Couples Therapy: Daniel Siegel, MD; Susan Johnson, Ed.D. (4 Hours.)

2017, June 23. Shame Shields: The Armor we Use to Protect Ourselves and Why it Doesn't serve us. René Brown Ph.D. LMSW. (4 Hours.)

2015, April 23-26. Certificate of Advanced Tarot Training at The Readers Studio, The Tarot School, New York, NY. (32 Hours)

2014, August 2. Working with Therapy Cards by Dr. Yoav Ben-Dov (physicist, philosopher of science, Tarot creator and writer). Originally developed for post-traumatic treatment, this powerful tool is used by thousands of Israeli psychotherapists, consultants and life coaches. San Francisco. (8 Hours.)

2014, April 24-27. Certificate of Advanced Tarot Training at The Readers Studio, THe Tarot School, New York, NY. (32 Hours.)

2014, March 28. Defusing High Conflict Divorce: Legal and Clinical Interventions that work and those that don't. Jerome Price MA, L.M.F.T., L.M.S.W. at St.Elias Centre, Ottawa, ON. Organized by Family Services Ottawa and the Ottawa High Conflict Forum. (6 Hours of CEU's)

2013, September 14 and 15. Exploring Botticelli's Three Graces in Primavera, C 1482, (a study in color symbolism and the meaning and the implications for selfdevelopment.) by Donald Hall, master teacher and wotecolour artist from Bolzano, Italy. (16 hours)

2013, May 13. How the Brain Forms New Habits: Why willpower is not Enough, by Bill M. Kelley, Ph.D. (6 hours of CEu's)

2012, November 29. Attachment, Intimacy and Sexuality in Individual and Couples Therapy, by Ester Perel, M.A. LMFT. (7 Hours of CEU's)

2011, November 10 and 11. The New Rules of Marriage: A Relational Life Therapy Approach to Couples and Couples Therapy. Terrence Real, MSW, LICSW. (12 Hours of CEU's)

2011, October 21. Women in Mind: A Conference on women's Mental Health. Ottawa. (4.5 Hours of Education) Dr. Pauline Maki - Mental Illness and Medical Comorbidity in Women. Dr. Valerie Taylor - When the Bouch Braks: mental Illness in the Pregnant and Postpartum Woman. Dr. Claudio Sores - Depression in Women: Undrestanding the Windows of Risk Across the Life Cycle. Dr. Catherine Shea - Women, Aging and Mental Illness. Dr. Dennis Raphael - Social Determinats of Women's Mental health. Dr. Charmaine Williams - Women's Caring: Psychological and Social Issues.

2011, April 2 - 3. Nia Technique: Nia FAB 52 Moves Choreography by Debbie Rosas. Toronto (16 Hours) This, and the previous course focused on: Using the science of the sympathetic nervous system as one of the major systems for mind/body communication and healing we create a positive affect on your body’s autonomic nervous system and its two branches: the sympathetic nervous system (which activates heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, tension, etc.) and the parasympathetic nervous system (which relaxes and is opposite to the sympathetic system), by facilitating biofeedback responses using self-referral as a biofeedback loop. This enables us to make choices, evaluate the outcome of those choices, and adjust our choices to positively affect the autonomic nervous system. This constant state of inner work can stimulate the creative unconscious and give us the freedom to review and witness our progress to enhance self-esteem, improve body image and connect with our creative spirit.

2011, March 28 - April 1. Nia Technique Green Belt : Refining the skills and technique of using the body and movement as a dynamic symbol to evolve, deepen and guide the healing journey of self-discovery and self-realization. (40 Hours)

2010, July 17 - 23. Nia Technique White Belt: Healing technique using neuropsychology through movement forms. Neuroscience underlies an integrative therapy approach where movement leads to psychological healing by removing obstacles to creativity and new learning, an essential to brain flexibility and psychological balance. (40 Hours)

2009, October 17 - 18. Intergrative Healing and Transformation: Eleventh Annual Canadian Energy Psychology Conference, Toronto, Canada. (8 Hours) www.caiet.org

2009, March 26 - 29. Seizing the Day: Therapy and the Art of Engagement. Psychotherapy Networker Symposium 2009., Washington DC. www.psychotherapynetworker.org (Total: 26 Hours)

  • The Joy of Dance. Richard Conzalez. (7 Hours)
  • The Language of Discovery (Part 1 and 2): Poet David Whyte.(4 Hours) www.davidwhyte.com
  • The Shared Now, The I-Thou Expereince in Couples Therapy. (Part 1 and 2). Hedy Schleifer and Yumi Shleifer. (4 Hours) www.hedyyumi.org
  • The Tenses of our lives, getting in Synch with our Partners: Wendy Patterson and Robert Patterson. (4 Hours)

2008, June 20. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Workshop with Dr. John Forsyth. Royal Ottawa Health Care Group.(6.5 Hours Educational Credits)

2008, May 9. Psychopharmacology Workshop: Treatment Approaches for Depression and Anxiety Led By: Dr. Pierre Blier. OttawaAcademy of Psychology.(4 Hours education credits)

2008, April 17. Spiritually Intergrated Psychotherapy Workshop - University of Ottawa, Institute of Mental Health Research; Royal Ottawa Mental Health Center, Ontario. Dr. Kenneth Pargement. (6 Hours education credits).

2007, October 25 - 27. The Ninth Annual Energy Psychology conference - Visions of the Future Mind. www.torontoepc.com. Jayni Bloch attended and presented a paper: Liberation form Repetitive conflict Cycles using healing indicators form Archetypal themes. (16 Hours of Instruction credit) Toronto.

2006, November 9 - 11. The Eighth Annual Energy Psychology conference - Lighting the Way to wholeness. Toronto. www.torontoepc.com. Jayni Bloch attended the conference and presented a paper: Liberation form Repetitive conflict Cycles using healing indicators form Archetypal themes. (14 Hours of Instuction Credit)

2006, September 25 and 26.Compassionate Mind: Overcoming Shame and Relentless Self-Criticism. Dr. Paul Gilbert and Dr. Deborah Lee in Ottawa, Ontario. (12 Hours) www.cognitiveworkshops.com

2006, May 11 to 13. Summit on Emotionally Focused Therapy for Individuals, Couples and Families: (18 CE Hours.) Principles of Emotional Change, Dr. Les Greenberg. Forgiveness and EFT: Dr. Judy Makinen. Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Therapy: Dr. Ron Frederick. Families and EFT: Gail Palmer and Don Efron. Depression and EFT: Dr. Jeanne Watson. Using EFT Groups: A Guide for Preventative Therapies: David Manock, Andrea Wittenborn, Scott Wooley and Rebecka Jorgensen. The New Era of Couples Therapy, Dr. Susan Johnson. Trauma and EFT Couples, Dr. Susan Johnson, Dr. Brent Bradley, George Faller. Blended Families and EFT, Gail Palmer, Dr. James Furrow. www.eft.ca

Intensive Core Group Training and Supervision in Couples Therapy: The Ottawa Couple and Family Institute:

  • Dr. Alison Lee; 10, 11 and 12 March, 2006.
  • Gail Palmer M.A. SMW; 3, 4 and 5 February, 2006.
  • Dr. Alison Lee; 21, 22 and 23 October, 2005.

Transformation and Healing through practicing Goethe's Study of Color by Donald Hall, Art Professor and Water color Artist teaching in Bolzano, Italy:

  • The Principles of the Light and Dark in the psyche as expressed in Art throughout time. 21 to 23 June 2008.
  • Masculine and Feminine Principles Explored in Art. 14 to 18 March 2007. And 13 to 15 July 2007.
  • Archetypes understood through Michelangelo's David and Picasso's Minotaur; 6 - 10 March, 2006.
  • Transformation and Healing through color and art; 7- 11 March 2005.
  • Using Goethe's Color Theory and studying Michelangelo; 8 - 12 March 2004.

2006, January 20-22. Ortho-Bionomy: The Nervous System, The Vagus and the Phrenic Nerve: Darlene Smith. The Spine and Pelvis: Judith Miller. (24 Units of instruction) www.ortho-bionomy.org

2005, November 13-14. Intentional Effectiveness Training(TM): Manifesting Your Highest Desires by David Gruder, Ph.D. www.willingness.com

2005 November 9. Tapas Acupressure Technique Workshop: TAT and Weight Loss: by Tapas Fleming. www.tatlife.com

2005, November 10-12 . The Seventh Annual Energy Psychology Conference: Energy Psychology and the Soul Connection. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (23 Hours). http://www.torontoepc.com

2005, September 12 and 13. Constructing A New Self: A Cognitive Therapy Approach to Personality Disorders; presented by Dr. Christine Padesky in Ottawa, Ontario (12 Hours of Credits) www.cognitiveworkshops.com

The Ninth International Congress on Ericksonian Approaches to Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. 1 - 5 December 2004 (18.5 Hours); Phoenix, Arizona. Jayni Bloch presented a paper: Transformation: Moving Out Of The Box, at this congress. www.erickson-foundation.org

The Bert Hellinger Workshop: Pathways to Reconciliation within Family and Cultural Systems. October 7-9, 2004 Gatineau, Quebec.

Cognitive Therapy for Depression: by Dr. Christine Padesky. Ottawa on Sept. 23 - 24, 2004. (12 hours)

Marital Therapy: A Research-Based Approach: by John Gottman, Ph.D., on May 13 and 14, 2004. (12 Credits)

Brief Therapy: Lasting Solutions presented by The Milton H. Erickson Foundation, Inc. December 12 -15, 2002, Orlando, Florida, USA. (28.5 Hours) All the great names in Psychology and Psychotherapy: Nicholas Cummings, Pat Love, Donald Meichenbaum, Albert Ellis, Ernest Rossi, R. Reid Wilson, Michael Yapko, Jeffrey Zeig, Stephen Lankton, Stephen Gilligan, Mary Goulding, Scott Miller, Christine Padesky, Peggy Papp, Erving Polster, Michele Weiner-Davis. Betty Alice Erickson, Judith Beck, Steve Andreas, and others.(28,5 Hours credit) I learned about the latest research based therapies with Couples, Families, Anxiety disorders and Neuro-psychology, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnosis and Goal Oriented psychotherapy. http://www.erickson-foundation.org

Advanced Externship in Emotionally Focused Therapy: (16 Hours) Dec 5 & 6 2002. Dr. Sue Johnson, Ed.D C.Psych. Couples in marital distress, Bonding and Attachment issues, Restructuring, and Healing attachments.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy: Two Day workshop by Dr. John Markowitz, (Assocate Professor of Psychiatry Cornell University Medical College) on October 18 -19 2002. IPT is a time-limited, diagnostically focused treatment that was found empirical psychosocial reasearch to be equally effective for treating depressed clients than medication.(10 Credits)

Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples: (40 Hours) 5-Day Externship with Dr. Susan Johnson on 23 - 27 September, 2002. The externship/workshop focused on; Couples in marital distress, Bonding and Attachment issues, Restructuring, and Healing attachments. www.ocfi.ca

The Language of the Soul (Basic and Advanced experiential workshops) Barbara Tovey and Alan Sheets. 19, 20, 21 October 2001 http://www.newequations.com

Integrating Thought Field Therapy (TFT) & Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with Hypnosis: Beyond Positive Cognition. Level 1 & 2 with Lee Pulos, Ph.D. 21 & 22 April 2001. (12 Hours)

Emotional Freedom Technique by Gary Craig. 2001

Transforming Couples: Schema Therapy for Difficult Relationships presented by Jeffrey Young, Ph.D. Cognitive Therapy Centers of New York and Connecticut. 6 & 7 April 2001.

Legal, Ethical and Professional Issues in Psychology, for Canada. This training has been acknowledged by the College of Psychologists of Ontario for registration purposes. Oct & Nov 1998.

1997 - The Confluence of Matter and Spirit Patterning in the Psyche and the Natural World. Assisi Conferences and Seminars in Vermont: Archetypes, Symbolism, Quantum Physics. www.assisiconferences.com

Clinical Hypnotherapy; The South African Society of Clinical Hypnosis, 3 years intensive training, specializing in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Ego-State and Medical Hypno-Analysis. This training has been acknowledged by the College of Psychologists of Ontario for registration purposes. 1993 - 1995.

1995 - Traumatic Separation Theory in Hypnosis and change. Don W. Ebrahim from England.

1994 - World Psychology Congress in Hamburg. Evolution of Psychotherapy. Victor Frankel and some other pioneers such as Bandura, Beck, Bugental, Ellis, Gendlin, Glasser, Corsini, Gottman, Goulding, Haley, Hillman, Huxley, Kernberg, Lazarus, Lowen, Madanes, Marmor, Masterson, Meichenbaum, Minuchin, Moreno, Pittman, E. Polster, M. Polster, Shapiro, Szasz, Watzlawick, White, Wolpe, and Yalom, was there. Special Hypnotherapy presentations by Ernest Rossi and Jeffrey Zeig, who were both students of Milton Erickson touched me deeply. www.erickson-foundation.org

Other Training and Interests

  • Conflict Resolution - Cross Cultural, Africa Cultural Centre 1997
  • Psychological Astrology, Jung and Esoteric Studies. since 1985 www.starcats.com; www.nightlightnews.com. Jayni has been using Astrological Knowledge in her understanding of the Archetypes and Life Cycles since 1985
  • Diploma in Small Business Management. Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa.1982 - 1982
  • Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing. EMDR Institute INC, 1997 This training gave an additional dimension to the understanding of hypnosis and the subconscious mind.
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) ,1990 This training gave an additional dimension to the understanding of hypnosis and the subconscious mind.
  • Assertiveness Training. 1990



Chronology of Experience

1998 - present

Owner Private Practice: Kanata Psychotherapy Centre: Individual Psychotherapy, Couple Counselling and Group Training.

1991 - 1997

Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice - Johannesburg North, South Africa. Clinical, General and Family Practice, individual and couple psychotherapy, group-work and courses.

1989 - 1990

Senior Clinical Psychologist - Lecturer. Community Psychiatric Services & Training Institution. Johannesburg, South Africa. Training and supervision of Interns, designing and management of Community programs. Working in multidisciplinary teams doing Assessments and Forensic assessments. Diagnosis, Treatment and Intervention of Individual, Family and Group counselling. Supervision of psychometrics and support of staff and development of psychological programs. Lecture psychology.

1984 - 1988

Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice - Johannesburg South Africa. Marriage Guidance Counselling and General Practice Divorce mediation and Child custody

1982 - 1983

Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice - Cape Town, South Africa. Parental Guidance Counselling and General Practice in Individual Couple and Group Psychotherapy

1980 - 1981

Clinical Psychologist - Lecturer. Department of Child Psychiatry, Tygerberg Training Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa. Working in multidisciplinary teams doing Assessments of Learning Disorders and Emotional Problems, Diagnosis, Treatment and Intervention of Individual, and Family counselling and Parent - Child Behavior and Disciplinary Guidance. Supervision of Psychometrics and support of staff and development of psychological programs. Psychotherapy and Play therapy. Lectured psychology.

1979 - 1979

Clinical Psychologist - Lecturer. Johannesburg General Training Hospital, South Africa. Forensic and general Assessments, Individual and Group therapy, Designed Mental Health Programs, and lectured psychology.

1978 - 1978

Clinical Psychologist - Intern. Sterkfontein Mental Training Hospital, South Africa. Worked under supervision doing Forensic Psychology, Individual and Group therapy, Designed Mental Health programs. Worked in a multidisciplinary team.

1975 - 1975

Social Worker. AFM Welfare Organization, South Africa.


Personal Interests

Photogrophy (jaynibloch.com)
Watercolor Painting
Dancing NIA and Flamenco
Movies, Viewing and creating them
Swimming, Running, Cycling, Cross-Country Skiing
Cooking and eating wonderful food in the 'warm' company of loved ones and friends

Who I am:
I will share some of my life journey with you, to give you an idea of who I am so you can decide if you would like to work with me or not.
In social situations I underplay my achievements and is therefore underestimated because I do not boast or speak to impress anyone. I observe, assess, accept and recognize others, and measure every word carefully before I speak. People who do not speak easily are usually underestimated. Here on paper I can risk being a bit arrogant about my achievements.
I have been head-girl of my school, and leader of groups at university; my first degree and career was in social work, then I was selected after a vigorous selection process to be one of four candidates, out of many applicants, for the clinical psychology university program, which I loved. I got married young and got divorced after 10 years when my baby boy was 3 years old. As a single mother for 5 years I researched what matters in relationships and makes them truly work. It felt as if psychology did not give me enough answers at the time. Therapy and my colleagues could not help. I had to go back to the drawing board. I worked in a mental hospital, general hospital, teaching university, children’s hospital, started 3 private practices in my life, one in Cape town, one in Johannesburg and now one in Ottawa, Canada. An affinity for preventative and societal educational services drew me to work in a community psychiatric services department for a time.  I designed a parent training course to help parents and pediatricians understand how to handle their children. I also trained minister-of-religion students about interviewing and therapy skills. I did psychological evaluations for custody cases in family court, served as an expert witness in court to defend 13 sexually abused boys against a perpetrator, in court.  I did a midnight radio talk show for people who were in need of support at that hour and appeared on television to discuss psychological issues in South Africa. At one stage I had to juggle two jobs as a single mother, determined to keep my son in the home and school I wanted him to be in. I married my true love and partner, immigrated to Canada after having significant waking visions and dreams that informed devastating experiences. Not knowing a soul here in Canada and not having any support except from Divine, we started a new life and careers in Ottawa. Synchronicities and mystical experiences have always been part of my life. I lost both my parents. My only brother still resides in South Africa. I reregistered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario to be able to practice my profession in Canada. I built a successful practice in Canada over the last 22 years through word of mouth of satisfied clients of whom many I still see from time to time. I did presentations at conferences in South Africa, Ottawa, Toronto, Halifax, Quebec City, Phoenix AZ, Portland Oregon, Palm Beach Florida, and New York. I wrote ‘The Riddle in the Mirror, a journey in search of healing’ and ‘Mirrors to your Soul’ Archetypal Portals.

Looking at what I did in my life, and not my emotional/personal experiences and encounters, I noticed that when I dabble in anything, whether it is art or academics or mysticism, I do whatever it takes to know everything about every possible expression in that field. I sang and played guitar when I was younger. I did design, candle making, stained glass, oil painting, faux garnet furniture and murals, watercolor painting, tie die clothes, interior decorating, dress designing and sewing, pottery (porcelain, stoneware and earthenware as well as raku, wheel and handwork), and photography, using the computer to process light. When I do sport, I do the same; running, dancing flamenco and Nia, swimming and cycling. I do the same with my psychology studies. I studied and still continue to go beyond the normal and average range of requirements into pathologies and diagnosis, into all the different modalities of Cognitive, Conventional, Hypnotherapy, Energy Psychology, Depth Psychology, Dreams and Art Psychology. I am constantly in search of a deeper understand of the human psyche and the meaning of life. I have a good grounding in Cognitive Behavior Methodology, Couples and Family Therapy, as well as all the usual academic research processes. In fact, I use to get 100% for my Mathematical Research methodologies at University, as also during high school when I got 100% for most of my Math and Geometry exams as well as for my writing, essays in Afrikaans. Then I became curious about esoteric studies and studied every possible school of thought as well as all the varieties of those schools of thought. I studied the Bible, the Cabala, Tarot, Astrology, Color Therapy, Crystals Healing, Bach Flower remedies, Essential oils, Herbalism, Numerology, Reiki, Thi Chi, and Meditation. All of what I study and practice, I do in depth and with passion, to see how it all corresponds with each other. Then I intergrade and create new composites of what I have learned to completely embody the learnings, so it can be used practically in healing and creative actions. This is why you will never get a one-sided approach with me. I see the broad picture and use it all in everything that I do. I always had the attitude that when I do a Ph.D. it will have to be a significant contribution to society and not just a procedure to get a title. Titles do not appeal to me, but significance and essence of knowledge and practical useful wisdom does. That is why I wrote a book and designed a projective technique in the form of archetypal images, for everyone to understand and deal with their discomforts, by understanding their Archetypes. Life is always fascinating and creative to me. I love to observe the cycles we go through in life and the challenges we suffer as gifts of learning. I love to meet people of all orientations and cultures and love them for who they are and what they bring to this life.
So now you know if you want me to be your therapist, teacher or presenter at your conferences.

Love and Blessings to you all.