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2019 International Webinars

Bridging the Soul-Spirit with our Human Personality

Mirrors to your Soul™ Archetypal Images are used to determine Soul Archetypes that connects us to our psychological challenges and healing insights. This series of interactive webinar seminars supports the evolution of practical mystical consciousness.

Join in the fun while learning and experiencing creative ideas and resources in the form of contemporary tools, to support your growth.

Discover the transpersonal meaning of every possible event and circumstance.
Converse with a greater intelligent ‘whole’, directly from inside you, that informs the meaning and purpose of your distinct circumstances.

There are
9 Archetypal pathways that resonate energetically with psychological processes we all experience over our lifetime. Identify the process you are currently dealing with and how it guides you to deeper purpose and wisdom.

Join this new wave of understanding yourself, using
Keys that open portals in ways that will surprise you

Phone: 613 599-0937

Recommended requirements:
The book ‘The Riddle in the Mirror' – 2012
and the Card set with its accompanying booklet ‘Mirrors to your Soul™’- 2016

Feedback from previous workshops:

"Jayni Bloch's presentation, "Echoes of the Past that Open Veils to the Future" was a thought-provoking archetypal journey through the unconscious processes that inform the way in which we experience life. Jayni skillfully led us to identify the archetypes that are at work at various points in our lives and how they resonate with our Energy Portals. Her warm, joyful, and innovative presentation style provided us with the safe space we needed for the experiential portion of the presentation where Jayni had us moving to music that represented each of the energetic essences of our Energy Portals. At the conclusion of Jayni's presentation, we were left with the curiosity to further explore how we embody these archetypes in our everyday lives and how they are expressed within our energetic circuitry."    Joseph T. Schippa, Ph.D.
Clinical and Coaching Psychologist

"You are a wonderfully engaging presenter, and the audience was very responsive to you, it was beautiful to watch.  You did a fabulous job. I really enjoyed and benefited from attending your class.  I lack ability to systematize anything, and your system is quite helpful.  You are an animated presence on stage, and kept the audience wonderfully engaged, I was very impressed.  I love your voice.  Thank you for teaching us. Well Done!"

"Thank you Jayni for the beautiful workshop! It challenged me in ways that surprised me to grow" "Hi Jayni, thank you for the beautiful gift of wisdom you have shared with everyone! I am thoroughly enjoying and devouring every single word of it"

"Hi Jayni : Monday night was a wonderful evening. Your questions give me food for thought. I am learning to hear my inner voices - and acknowledge where it is coming from. I recognize now that I am allowed to be loved and nurtured and I am trying to give that to myself.  I am finding that your workshops are taking me deeper into the self-development practices that I am constantly working on.”


Archetypes are defined as universal and recurring images, patterns or motifs representing not only typical human experiences but universal evolutional processes. Archetypes appears in human consciousness as images or symbols that exist in the collective unconscious and are the basic content of religions, mythologies,
legends and art. They also emerge from the collective unconscious in individuals through dreams and visions. I believe that we observe the archetypal themes in our experiences in everyday life when we become observant to it. The encounter with an archetypal image evokes a strong emotional reaction, conveying a sense of divine or transpersonal power which transcends the ego.

The Archetypal patterns and processes can be recognized in studying your individual astrological natal and transitional charts. In conjunction with your life history and personal experiences, these charts represent SYMBOLIC indications of the archetypal/psychological processes at a particular time. The Astrological indications, as well as the symbolic processes represented in the Magor Arcana of the Tarot, may serve as a symbolic map that can be one of the useful tools in understanding your soul's journey towards consciousness and healing. Archetypal Psychology includes the study and understanding of symbolsystems as one of the tools we can use to know and understand our inner selves.

Jayni Bloch © 7 March 2004

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International Webinars - dates to be announced

How the remote workshops work

Many of you have asked me about the Mirrors to your Soul Webinar. This is how it works:

1. Download the Zoom program for free.

2. You can send me the enrollment fee via Paypal or e-transfer the payment after arranging an access-code with me via email or phone.

3. You will get an invitation to join the group discussion and introduction session, as well as every web meeting by email which will contain all the log-in links you need, to either join via telephone or video conference, before the time of the event.

4. Join the 'Zoom' meeting ten minutes or so before the starting time of the meeting, to ensure that you are connected properly.

5. If you cannot attend any of the days announced of the 5 live events, you can view the presentation video or recording in your own time afterwards - you will receive links to these recordings by email if you are enrolled with the webinar.

6. Zoom is an international program, so wherever you are in the world, you can join. Just check your timezone to make sure you tune in at the right timezone if you want to join live, otherwise you can still join in via the recordings.

Contact me to secure your spot in the next webinar: mirrorstoyoursoul@gmail.com