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World View

The Path to Light

First the innocence.
Then the rupture
Sitting in piercing pain, meeting it’s dark force talking to it’s unwanted shadows until I know what gift it holds.
And the Light shimmers faintly first
then clearer and brighter until the vividness of Purpose resonates through all my life.

Jayni Bloch © 7 March 2004

Truth lies under the veil of reflection.

© Jayni Bloch 7 March 2004

From a question asked at my webinar presentation last night, I realized that I have a radically different approach to understanding ‘objectivity’ and ‘subjectivity’. In my experience, it is through our personal perception and our unique subjective experience, and not interpretations of such, that we learn the value and reason as well as the ‘interpretations’ (which needs to be from our Higher Divine Self) of the actual experience. ‘Objectivity’ is therefore a very individual, one can almost say a subjective, phenomena, appropriate for specific individuals in specific circumstances. Just think of it, even the most core Divine archetypes of all, contains common themes, but are expressed in the Universe and also in people or groups in very unique and creative ways, which expresses all the potential of the dynamic Universe.
Every person is a multidimensional composite of personalized archetypal expressions that keep on evolving as personal and collective consciousness evolves.
Even science is not objective in the true sense of the word. Science only measures the current theories, that mirrors the current consciousness. What Science then measures, is a momentary awareness of the state of a thing at that time, which can change shape, meaning, purpose and function at any moment. What is objective about that?
We are everything and all potential but busy in our lifetime and personal experience discovering the creative expressions of parts of archetypal themes that we need to evolve through. An individual’s personal ‘objective’ stance is informed from their personal relationship with their own Divine source, which is unique to that person, and even if the theme is the same for others, the subtleties in action, understanding and growth, are unique.
Then there is the question of principles. Yes, principles can guide us, like the divine archetypes, but remember that your inner voice uses all of these principles to discover you unique expressions in your healing and growth.

My goals are ...

I approach life from an archetypal psychological perspective, guided by psychology, astrology, mythology, dreams, symbols (and the use of symbol- systems) and synchronicities, which all illuminate my soul with insights form an all-inclusive viewpoint.
I use archetypes as a cosmic map of the psyche’s potential, of which I see the transitioning of the psyche’s movement through cycles of development and archetypal themes as a compass that orients us to focus on the immediate path towards consciousness about a specific discovery on our overall life journey. With these tools I help orient you in the practical application of the depth insights that comes from your unique soul’s path, to your day to day life. 


I acknowledge the complex interconnectedness of the human mind, body and soul.

I believe in and respect the unfolding creative potential of every individual. I believe in the ability of people to be responsible, independent, worthy human beings. I believe that difficulties in life are part of learning processes to promote growth and better understanding of self and others. I believe in applying my medicine to myself, by living as I preach. I believe that the process of growing is never done.

Mental, physical end emotional challenges and symptoms are our human nature's way to communicate imbalance in its seeking of balance and not pathological phenomenon.

Scientific study and research is the foundation of my investigative and objective approach. At the same time I include the relevance of concepts and understandings that lies beyond the measurable. We are constantly evolving in our understanding and consciousness. Existing understandings need to be stretched to adapt to changing realities. Newly formed understandings need to be tested constantly for current appropriateness.

Things that happens to us in life......the experiences, relationships and conflicts, usually carry familiar patterns we can recognize when looking over a time span at these events in retrospect. There are notable synchronicities between these external patterns of events and the realities of the inner soul that normally lies in the unconscious. When recognized consciously, growth and healing is possible.

Our dreams, physical symptoms and problems are clues and metaphors to lead us to healing, understanding and health. Some of these symptoms and problems are Archetypal and part of universal human learning and healing processes that drives the evolution of our consciousness.

My intention is to practice, encourage and educate awareness of these links between the inner and outer realities to facilitate growth and evolvement of human consciousness by understanding Archetypes and Archetypal processes.

The subconscious dimension of the human soul is a reality just as much as the rational dimension. Together the rational and the subconscious minds co-operate as a dynamic creative unity. Ignoring one or the other is to ignore a dimension of human existence. There is a synchronicity between what the soul tells us from the inside (our inner reality) and the patterns, experiences and interpersonal relationships in our external reality. Our dreams, symptoms, problems, life events and patterns are symbols and metaphors of our soul processes. I practice and teach about this connection and inter-relationship. My goal is to enable you to become aware of the relatedness between inner and outer to facilitate growth and consciousness. I will help you to make contact with your own inner wisdom. When we have science without spirit, we become dismembered from our true human experience. When we have spirituality without logic, we become superstitious.
Jayni Bloch © January 2000.

‘We find that the unconscious connects us to other people and to our entire environment; therefore when we focus a great deal of energy within the inner world, a parallel energy often arises in the people or situations around us. In this way we can do healing through our inner work that we never could have done through external means.'
Inner Work, R. A. Johnson. Harper 1986.


Evolution of Consciousness

What people think and believe is relevant to a specific time in human history, and that effects the way people behave. Belief-systems are time dependent and reflect something of the evolutional stage, the skills of perception and thinking processes of that time. Physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual development is continuous. Development means change and the necessity to adapt to new ways of doing things is not easy. We resist change as much as we want change. We experience conflict and sometimes chaos when the current structures of understanding become inappropriate, because we have worked so hard to get it where it is. Change initiates a crisis in consciousness that forces us to change to the more appropriate. Destruction of the old is necessary from time to time to make place for the new. Nature itself demonstrates this principle to us seasonally. We are experiencing such a changing time at present.

Technology has created a powerful new communication format. The Internet has changed all previous ways of relating to self, others and information. Information for example is no longer exclusive property. Not so long ago, people had to rely on the learnerd to guide them with knowledge that was not available to the "common" person. Now, people can know anything about diverse fields of knowledge. The Internet has created a need to discuss and discover new ideas and make new connections without barriers and borders. The mere name suggests its INTER relating, networking and globalization function. There is a synchronicity between evolution on micro and macro levels, therefore we are challenged to confront our value and belief structures about hierarchy and borders. It is as if the changing external world forces a new consciousness. We experience internal changes in perception where the rational now interrelates with the holistic and in this way we learn to see and function differently in the world.

Responsibility and morality is also changing from externally enforced rules and regulations, to the necessity to make responsible choices based on internal awareness. We are beginning to realize that we all need to own up to our individual responsibility on all levels and we need to cooperate to be able to manage ourselves in the world.

Dr. Helene Shulman Lorenz, Academic Dean of the Pacifica Graduate Institute www.pacifica.edu that specializes in Depth Psychology based in California, comments: “There was never any question in my mind that the two things, the personal and the historical context needed to be understood together.” She too believes that globalization forces us all to face the challenge to negotiate contact between disciplines, cultures and all.

I realize as many others now; that in terms of consciousness, recent history was a phase of rational and scientific development, which followed a much earlier time where we relied on intuitive wisdom. I believe that we are at the point in history where we have to integrate the skills of the rational and the subconscious faculties; science and spirituality, the left and right brain. Mind, body and soul is funcioning as a whole.



Understanding the domain of the subconscious is not complete without understanding archetypes. The study of archetypes is incomplete without studying symbol systems such as astrology, mythology, fairytales, tarot, numerology, Kabbalah, etcetera, because it is intimately linked to symbol, cycle, the unfolding emotional and spiritual process and holism. Symbol systems need to be studied in depth because superficial knowledge can be confusing and dangerous like little knowledge about any subject. These studies became associated with superstition because it was used without the balance that reason brings and sometimes for the purpose to control or manipulate life instead of understanding it. We lose the essence of the symbol system's meaning when we use it in an attempt to control life by prediction. I do not believe that the purpose of symbol systems is for this kind of prediction, but rather for understanding our own growth cycles and processes in a meaningful and conscious way. I believe that when we tune into a deep level of understanding via the subconscious mind to the emotional and spiritual processes at the time, these symbolic processes manifest on a physical plain as well, which makes prediction possible only for that reason. What happens on one level of existence happens simultaneously on all levels of existence. The archetypal energy manifest differently for every individual according to their own level of maturity and according to their specific life lessons. The goal however is not to manipulate or control life as you want it to be, but to find assistance for growth with consciousness. By ignoring or avoiding studying archetypal symbol systems, we stay in the dark about all the dimensions of spiritual and emotional processes.

There is a vast difference between information, knowing something and showing wisdom on a subject. Knowledge requires a thorough amount of information and wisdom requires an first hand experience of and the dynamic application of knowledge in a creative way.

Reclaiming our subconscious and spiritual wisdom without our newly developed scientific abilities or denying our subconscious dimension with its skills and purpose for the sake of reason only, obstruct our development. Borders between minds, people and subjects are fading so that a new inter-relatedness between body mind and spirit can bring growth to this new era.

Psychology is especially a wounded field without its connection to spirit. The border between the rational and subconscious/spiritual within the field of psychology has become a firewall in recent years.

Mythology teaches us an archetypal truth, that when a new development is about to happen, the collective resistance towards the new becomes extremely intense. The “king” of the old order usually feels threatened about the birth of a “new child” that will bring “enlightenment”, and therefore tries to kill all children in the hope of preventing the end of his rein of power. Once the child is born, change happens slowly, but the tension and conflict is almost unbearable between the old and the new, up to the point of breakthrough or birth. This conflict within our personal psyches and in the communities about confronting the status quo is painful. But change happens despite resistance.

I noticed that wherever there is imbalance between the rational and the subconscious, a new courage emerges in people to voice the injustices. Lately it is the rational that has became overpowering and suppressing, only because it was time for the rational to develop. The "suppressed" is usually related to the archetype of the "feminine" energy which is about right brain or subconscious mind function; holism, symbol, spirituality, inner wisdom, acceptance, love, forgiveness and passivity. Woman in general, the "hart" side of men, cultures who carry the wisdoms of the spiritual, and any side of society or individuals who was dominated by logic, is now feeling strongly about asserting their equality. Although this process has been going on for some time in recent history, it is accelerating at the moment. We are learning about balance through this process.

Let’s face the challenges of change with enthusiasm and build the "new road" together, learning from each other’s skills and talents!

Jayni Bloch © February 2000.

The study of symbol systems and Archetypes gives me an understanding of evolving processes, phases and patterns, within nature and the human psyche, which I incorporate with my scientific knowledge. Universal patterns and processes, known as Archetypes, are collective but also individual. Archetypes are symbolic in essence. Symbolism is the domain of the subconscious mind. Integrating ancient wisdoms with the sciences brings about a new understanding and creativity that lies beyond a linear application of information.

Definition of Archetype: An Archetype is an image, symbol or metaphor that describes a principle and core pattern of ideas, or configuration of energies of humanness of one or more psychological process that is individual, social or collective.

Symbol systems: Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Kabbalah, Mythology, Fairytales, Dreams etc.

Jayni Bloch © February 2000


I surrender my heart, body and mind to listen for Higher Guidance,
setting aside ego-power, victimization and rightness.
I share my "dream work", writing, teaching, healing and art,
holding a "lamp" with love, to inspire, give hope and direction.
I participate in continual transformation by letting go
of personal, cultural and collective pain and fear patterns.
I humbly observe my shadows and willingly learn to integrate these forgotten parts,
allowing wounds to become gifts of "light".
I practice balanced self-care and collaborate with loved-ones, all people, groups and cultures
to spark bridges in order to learn and grow together
appreciating abundant resources available in the Universe.
My Indian Medicine Name is "woman who sees in the dark".

Jayni Bloch © November 2005


“Astrology takes us into the very heart of life – it is at once intuitive and intellectual, down-to earth and deeply magical, a system of thought and a very pragmatic tool: a philosophy of an interconnected earth and sky which over the centuries has inspired both scientists and artists, and is capable of describing and illuminating every stratum of life on earth, from the workings of the individual human psyche to the rhythms and cycles of the natural environment.
Its roots are to be found in the ancient world – the star lore and astronomy of Mesopotamia and the philosophy and mathematics of the ancient Greeks, brought together and planted in the fertile intellectual soil of Hellenistic Alexandria in the centuries just before and after Christ.  Carried by the Arabs following the collapse of ancient Greece and Rome, it was transmitted into Europe in the early Middle Ages via Islamic scholars and became recognized as one of the pillars of Western magical thinking, along with alchemy and Kabbalah. Falling out of favor in the Age of Enlightenment, which emphasized rationality and scientific observation as the routes to knowledge, astrology re-emerged in the later part of the 19th century, encouraged by the founding of the Theosophical Society and a growing interest in alternative spirituality and ancient wisdom. In the 20th and 21st centuries, astrology has come of age, enriched by the depth psychology of Carl Jung, the humanistic spirituality and psychology of Dane Rudhyar and the inimitable work of Alan Leo, Charles Carter, Liz Greene, Howard Sasportas and others who have been in the vanguard of its rebirth as a subject worthy of serious attention and study.

It is an immensely rewarding subject – a potent language of archetypal symbols which becomes particularly powerful when used in a modern psychological context. It is this marriage of the archetypal, the magical and the psychological….”
Written by Carole Taylor, Director of Studies © Faculty of Astrological Studies, Exeter College, Oxford, UK, February 2013.